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We are not on any "closed panel" dental plans; but we can help you with any "fee for service" dental insurance. Dental insurance works differently than medical insurance - one major difference is that there is a "cap" on the yearly benefits the insurance company will pay out. If you have the name of your plan and the plan information, we can find out what your yearly benefits are and the procedures (types of therapy) that are covered by your plan. Then we will contact the insurance company to find out what benefits you have available. With that information, we can give you a pretty good estimate of what your coverage is (e.g. 80% coverage with $1349.65 in benefits remaining). If you want a more definite idea, we can ask for a "pre-determination" from your insurance company, in which they will give an estimate of their coverage. Please understand that this is not a "promise to pay" from the insurance company, as even though their predetermination says they will pay a certain amount, that amount is always contingent upon other factors, such as the amount of benefits remaining.

We will give you a financial sheet that outlines the fees for your treatment in our office and the estimated benefits that your dental insurance company will pay toward those services. If you "sign over" those benefits to our office (assign benefits) that means the insurance company will pay us directly when the treatment is done. We will make financial arrangments with you for the amount the insurance company is not expected to pay, but please understand that if the insurance company does not pay as much as the estimate, you will be responsible for any amount the insurance company does not cover. If the insurance company pays more than expected, you will be refunded the credit balance as soon as it occurs.

If you prefer that the insurance company reimburse you for the treatment, then we will make financial arrangments with you for the entire amount.

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